Tangrin is a dutch independent game studio founded in 2010. We are first and foremost gamers and we build the games we like to play. Our games are fun and intelligent, with a strong focus on challenging, but rewarding gameplay. We are easy to reach, so if you have questions just shoot an e-mail or tweet @_Tangrin_.

Victor Legerstee
Game Developer

Victor does most of the game design, art and his share of coding. He also takes care of the other stuff needed to keep a game studio running.

Vic started gaming and “coding” on the Commodore 64 and Tulip 286.

Favorite Games: Zelda, Baldur’s Gate, Guildwars, Syndicate, Bioshock, Starcraft. A big fan of tactical games and rpg in general.

Cavit Ozturk
Game Developer

Cavit does the UI coding, tool coding, game logic and most of the technical art tasks, like unwrapping, rigging and skinning of models.

He started gaming on the NES and has been playing on every console and PC available since. After playing Need for Speed 3 Cavit knew for sure he wanted to be a gamedeveloper.

Favorite Games: Contra, Castlevania, Need for Speed 3, Dead Space, Street Fighter 2 Turbo.